The children in our Preschool Programs have opportunities to develop self-esteem, to increase their independence, to further develop their self-help skills, and learn about being proud of their heritage. They learn to button and zip, to accept responsibility for their actions, to share, to help and work with others, and to feel a sense of accomplishment after completing a project. There are times to be alone and read a book, and times to sit together in a group learning a new song. Children can choose to paint at the easel and discover how to make the color green or pretend to visit the doctor's office in order to alleviate their fears. 

We teach children to problem-solve, to expand their logical thinking skills, to learn concepts such as "yesterday, today, and tomorrow," "more/less", "larger/smaller," and "below, inside, under." Children learn to count in sequence and to use words to describe objects by color, shape or size. Verbal skills increase through finger plays and songs, making up stories, following directions, and talking with each other. Reading skills are fostered through books and storytelling; writing skills are introduced through letter, number, and name recognition. The children can create signs for the roads they build and send letters in their make-believe post office.

The day is filled with activities that develop their small muscle groups: chopping, building, stringing, pouring, zipping, painting, writing, and cutting. Outdoor activities develop their large muscles: walking, running, riding, climbing, catching, jumping, and balancing. Activities that use all five senses are incorporated into the curriculum. We frequently give children choices so that they can learn to make decisions for themselves, learn consequences, discover new concepts and reinforce familiar ones.